Simple Ways to Create Stunning Pins

When you first venture onto Pinterest and see all the pretty things that people have pinned, it can be rather intimidating. How can you compete with that as a small business owner? Will you have to hire a team of photographers and graphic designers to create images worth pinning?

Don’t panic. It’s much easier than it looks. Here are some tips that will have you creating stunning pins in no time.

* Take great photos. You don’t have to have a lot of fancy equipment to take Pinterest-worthy pictures, but it helps to have a reasonably good camera. Pay attention to the lighting when you’re shooting, and keep the background free of distractions. For product photos, a solid white background is usually best. If you’re taking pictures of small objects, consider using a lightbox.

* Edit your great photos. Photo editing programs such as Photoshop can do everything from cropping photos and brightening them up to giving them an entirely different look. A little bit of editing can make a big difference.

* Add special effects and text. You can also add special effects and text with Photoshop and most other photo editing programs. If you don’t have any suitable programs on your computer, there are free online photo editors that you can use such as Pixlr.

* Pin your Instagram photos. Instagram makes it easy to spruce up photos from your mobile phone with filters. You can use a program such as Pictacular to easily share your Instagram photos as pins on Pinterest.

* Make use of Pinstamatic. Pinstamatic is a set of Pinterest tools that are free for anyone to use. It makes it easy to create pins in a variety of ways, including taking screenshots of websites, pinning tweets from Twitter and more. You can also quickly create pins featuring favorite quotes and add captions to photos.

* Generate a meme. You know those funny pictures with even funnier captions that are so popular on sites like Pinterest? They’re a snap to create! Just visit a site like Imgflip or Memecrunch, choose a picture, add a caption and post it. If you want to create something more original, Imgflip also allows you to upload your own images.

You don’t have to have an unlimited social marketing budget to create great pins for Pinterest. In fact, photography skill isn’t even a necessity. With a little software and ingenuity, anyone can create pins that are worth sharing.

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